“Yoga is a sophisticated system that extends far beyond doing the physical postures; it is literally a way of living."


The Awaken Yoga Teacher Training is a thorough and balanced experience designed for anyone looking to further their personal practice, deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy, and experience the transformational power of incorporating this ancient wisdom into their daily life.  

Foundational to all yoga practice is it's philosophy, dating back thousands of years. Diving into the yoga sutras, you will find relevance and understanding through simple, thoughtful, practical application; practicing awareness, mindfulness, meditation and recording your experiences. 

You’ll learn the traditional lineage of yoga through the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. This system serves as a base in understanding the roots of the physical asana practice, developing clear concise cues, and experiencing the importance of breath, bandha and drishti (if you don’t know what those words mean now, it’s ok! You’ll learn.)

dates for 2020 coming soon!


Once rooted in the traditional Ashtanga practice, we then evolve to a more modern and creative style of yoga; Awaken Vinyasa. You will learn how to create, sequence and teach your own vinyasa yoga classes, using the power of music and themes to develop an experiential class that moves and impacts not only the physical body but the subtle body as well.  We will offer you tools and opportunities to empower you in finding your own authentic voice and style as a teacher. You will learn how to take your yoga practice off of your mat and into your life and how to help others do the same.

Throughout the course you will learn about the anatomy of the body and how it relates to yoga. You will learn about the system of chakras and how to use the practice to work within those energetic centers. You will learn how to give helpful and safe assists. You will get many hands on opportunities for practical application and practice teaching. You will have mentors to offer additional support. And you will become part of a community that’s created through the collective growth and expansion of like minded individuals that inevitably occurs through this experience.

Whether you’ve taken one yoga class or 100 yoga classes, if you’ve felt that spark to go deeper into the practice, this experience is for you.


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