Hillary Brown


Hillary recently relocated back to Salt Lake City after living in Honolulu, Hawaii for 16 Years where she owns and directs Manoa Dance Studio (MDS). When she started MDS, many thought she was simply teaching kids the basics, when she was, in fact, learning to dance again herself. In 2008, Hillary suffered a major stroke that left her unable to speak and rendered her right side paralyzed. After a risky brain surgery, she nurtured her recovery over several years with Pilates, which enabled her to make leaps and bounds in her recovery and allowed her to return to her first passion, dancing. 

Hillary now specializes in Neuroscience recovery with movement, body mechanics for dancers, injury recovery and prevention for youth through seniors and holds over 2,000 hours in certifications in movement science, Pilates and Yoga. 

Hillary has one constant thread throughout her life- her passion for empowering people through movement.