Melissa Atkinson


I'm a true Southern Cali beach bum, and can't get enough sun on my skin. In our more than 14 years of marriage, my husband Rob and i have lived all around SLC and San Diego, which is where I was was born and raised, and also where we had our two little rug rats—Penny (9) and Dexter (6). Exercise is  one of my true passions. I get a huge rush sweating with friends during high fitness, which is why working here at Awaken is perfect for me. I absolutely, love working the desk interacting with clients and teachers alike. Strength training has become a passion of mine because of a genetic bone disease called XLH (ask me about it sometime). It's the reason I'm so tall :) And witnessing people work continuously on creating a healthier body and mind better inspires me every single day.

I love my family, I love life, and I love working here at Awaken.