Sierra Anderson


I was born and raised right here in Utah. I have loved growing up in such a beautiful place, spending a lot of time skiing, boating, and enjoying the outdoors. I also grew up dancing, which is what first sparked my love for yoga and pilates. I love the mixture of strength and flexibility and I feel so good when I walk out of a really great class.

When I’m not at Awaken Studios, I work at a digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City. I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in marketing and currently work as a content marketer, writing for websites, blog posts, social posts, and online advertisements. I have loved writing since I was young, so being able to write something new and different everyday has made my career so fulfilling.

Being part of a community full of passionate and diverse people is what makes working at Awaken Studios so amazing. Everyone is so thoughtful, kind, and open-minded. It’s amazing to feel the love and be inspired by every single person that walks through the front door.