AbouT us

Jenna has worked in the fitness industry for 20 years personal training, instructor training, traveling the world teaching, teaching group classes and managing. In 2015 Joe and Jenna were doing great. Joe was working in the motorsports industry primarily in sales, marketing & management.  They had their 3 beautiful children and Jenna's career was booming. Luckily for them God knew there was something better in store for them. Jenna was suddenly 'let go'  from a gym she was managing at and they were left wondering how they were going to support their family of five. After many tears, prayers and meditation they knew without a doubt what they were destined to do. They decided to take the huge jump and open Awaken Studios. From that moment to this moment miracle after miracle, omen after omen, coincidence after coincidence (depending on what you believe in) happened to make Awaken what it is today. Each time they needed someone with a special skill or passion that person would suddenly contact them, each time they were unsure how to proceed an answer came. Awaken became what it is because of those miraculously talented passionate people who came to be a part of it. Each employee and member contribute to the community. They are forever grateful that through hard times you are able to discover what is hidden inside you and what amazing people are surrounding you.