Kristen Baird


Kristen was born and raised in Southern California. She loves the beach, sunshine, and spending time with loved ones.  Kristen moved to Utah after high school and has always had a love for fitness. During college while she was deciding what she wanted to do with her future, she realized that she had the potential to teach fitness classes. She looked into several options, and yoga teacher training came into her path. She received her 200 hour certification and soon after began to teach. A few months later, out of curiosity, Kristen tried a TRX class for the first time. She loved it so much she got certified to teach 5 days later. She loves a variety of workouts. She enjoys the opportunities she has to teach others how to stay active and healthy. She hopes that her classes can help others to focus on improving the health of their mind and body. Kristen believes that exercising should always be fun! She loves to laugh and have a good time, especially while working out with friends and clients.