Emily Nelson


Emily is the co-owner and creator of the new hardcore fun fitness class HIGH FITNESS. 

Emily was born and raised in Bountiful UT in a very active lifestyle home.  She spent the first 18 years of her life keeping active through dance, dance, and more dance.  Emily’s passion for fitness came about when she headed off to college and joined her first gym. She immediately fell in love with group fitness and knew she needed to be a part of it. Working full time as a Fitness Director Emily received several fitness certifications such as BOSU, TRX, Bootcamp, Step, Bender Ball, Zumba 1 & 2 and Zumbatomic, LesMills BodyAttack and BodyJam fitness programs. Emily’s passion for dance and fitness came together through her diverse fitness classes and has expanded from there.  Emily believes that exercise and getting fit should not only make you physically stronger but mentally and emotionally stronger as well. Because of this belief and passion Emily teamed up with her Canadian friend, Amber Zenith, to bring to life a new Fitness class that they felt was missing in the industry. They created HIGH Fitness and gained an instant following and decided to share it with the masses.