brandi cash


Brandi was introduced to natural health and healing while serving an LDS mission in 2011. There, she discovered that her stressed-out mentality was contributing to her health issues and, with the help of a dear friend, a passion for natural medicine was born. She pursued all that she could get her hands on while finishing her Bachelors degree in Recreational Therapy from BYU-Idaho. As she embarked on her career in Recreational Therapy, the desire to help people in a real,natural, and tangible way never left and she often found herself seeking to incorporate holistic methods into her work. This passion led her to mentors, programs and certifications that opened her up to her own gifts and a knowledge of the potential for everyone to experience real physical and emotional healing. She received training and certifications in the Emotion Code, Clinical Accupressure, Reiki, and Advanced Foot Zone Technique in addition to all her own life experiences. Brandi now specializes in using foot zoning and muscle testing to wake up the body to its ability to heal and function optimally while coaching clients on mental and emotional improvement as well. Brandi believes that using this approach allows healing and optimal health to take place on both conscious and subconscious levels and makes real change possible.