Kacie Ballard


Kacie Ballard is a Utah native and spent much of her youth participating in school sports and outdoor activities, including cheerleading, running, hiking, snow-boarding, swimming, and rock climbing. Her interest in yoga began 5 years ago, initially with the desire to regain the flexibility she had as a cheerleader. Soon it became a way to improve her mental and spiritual well-being along with attaining physical strength. Kacie is a certified yoga 500RYT with Yoga Alliance and an AntiGravity certified instructor. She has been through numerous trainings and will continue to take any training that sparks her interest. She loves learning and gaining new perspectives. Her goals in teaching are to make yoga accessible for those who are new to yoga and challenging to those who are more experienced in yoga. She loves how AntiGravity Fitness and yoga compliment each other, the hammock makes moves more accessible to everyone not just the flexible people. She also specializes in core strength training and arm balancing moves. When not teaching yoga or balancing in a precarious pose, Kacie loves spending time with her family of two young children, Mattie and Jett, and her fire-fighter husband Matt.