Michelle Carlston Holt


A native to Utah, Michelle lives in Holladay Utah, where she is a Life Coach, Antigravity Fitness Instructor, Ashthanga Yoga Teacher, and full time Business student at Westminster College! With her husband John, Michelle is busy raising teenagers, and feeding their big blended family.  Michelle loves riding her bike, going on road trips, cross country skiing, and baking! Michelle certified at 3 B yoga in Provo, Utah where Amy Williams was her teacher. Michelle also certified as a Kids and special needs kids Yoga Instructor at Green Tree Yoga, and Antigravity Fitness at Imagination Place in SLC.  Finding Antigravity was a result of her kids wanting to find something that would help them have more fun moving, and also assist their inversions. They felt heavy in Vinyasa Yoga, and felt they lacked the upper body strength to move through the sequences. The whole family took to Antigravity, and they now have a royal blue hammock in their living room! Michelle loves to inspire people to feel good! Michelle says “It’s fun and rewarding for me to see my kids and my students feel stronger, connected, happier, and more focused. The multi-benefits of yoga and antigravity fitness are so worth the time, cost, and getting outside one’s comfort zone. I’m a firm believer that quality of life, and service to others begins with Self Care”.